.AVI conversion problems



Righto, first off please help if you have any idea on what I can do.

  1. Used cucusoft to convert avi files into mpeg2
  2. Loaded the mpeg2 video file into tmpgenc dvdauthor and added menus
  3. Burnt to dvd

This method was fine but I wanted a change as I was annoyed with dvdauthor having to accept so strict file types and it was annoying converting.

I downloaded tmpgenc converter as this is the sister to dvdauthor, so i thought it would be simpler and easier. BUT whenever I open tmpgenc and try and convert a AVI file, it doesn’t work. AVI files are supported, but I have tried different files from different sources and AVI just do not work, everything else does.

I don’t mind paying, so what is the EASIEST combo of programs so that I can get an AVI file, add menus and stick it onto a dvd???

I also have a further problem as now AVI files will not play on my computer unless I use VLC media player, windows media player, quicktime and realplayer give me an error, encountered a problem had to close. My original conversion software will now not work either.

I tried the tmpgenc program on a different computer and it doesn’t work on there either.


Can anyone give me some help? :bow:

thanks :sad:

EDIT: For some reason dvdauthor only allows this setting: 25fps, 352x288, mpeg2…so my conversion program needs to be able to do do this. Cucusoft is the only one so far which I have seen, which is why I thought it would be much easier to use the same companies programs for the encoding then to dvd authoring


Adobe Premiere


When I said I didn’t mind paying, I didn’t mean I wanted to sell my house :stuck_out_tongue:

I got the problem sorted and now is the time for me to put my hands up and admit im thick as sh*t, since I reformatted my pc, I haven’t reinstalled any codec’s, I was missing the XVID one :rolleyes:

BUT a problem still remains in that windows media player and realplayer still won’t play the file… VLC and divx player do it fine. On another computer I tried, once i installed the codec, it worked fine on media player as well.

I still cannot perform my conversions… the codec doesn’t seem to have gone through the computer, just sitting with divx and vlc.



I fail to see whats wrong with TMPGEnc Plus 2.5 (Avisynth might be a nice little additional tool though) for encoding and TMPGEnc DVD Author for authoring.


I use Premiere Elements. Costs about €50 or $75. Does it all.


Yeah I gave this a go but ETA 2 hours 30 minutes? Compared to winavi video converter which will do it in 10.

I let each one run, and I was mighty suprised to see that the TMPGEnc program left the video very blocky.

Think i’ll stick with winavi for now :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for your suggestion