AVI conversion issue



hi guys,
I record TV shows on my computer… they are in AVI format and i want to put them on DVD-Rs so I can watch them in my home dvd player… I can convert them to DVDs without a problem but the playback is F’d up… Once I put them on DVD, i notice that the audio sync is way off midway through every dvd copy… I mean I can hear the conversation, and then the lips move, or the lips move and then i hear the conversation… Is there any way to correct this problem?..feels like one o those old school asian flicks with terrible dubbing.

I’ve used Nero 7 ultra, Avi2DVD, MyDVD, and all of them give me the same problem… any suggestions?

thank u much!


Wrong conversion. Audio is maybe in VBR format, not CBR.


Do you know exactlly what avi format they are in? Also, just curious, why are you not capturing to mpeg2? Dvd uses mpeg2 so that is usally the best format to capture to and most cards can do it.


i didnt use mpeg2 cuz at the time i didnt have a burner or any intention of putting it on dvd… besides that i didnt, and dont really know the differences between the formats… what versions of AVI are there? as far as i know they are .avi, but may be divx codec… i dunno how to check…

from now on i will use mpeg2 but any way to salvage what i have right now?

thanks for the input! :slight_smile:

also will try the other audio format!

thx again


There should be specifications on your capture card that tell what form of avi they are. Otherwise, there is a program that can identify what a videofile is though the name of it escapes me right now (I have only had need to use it a couple of times). IF you can find out what type of files they are you should be able to find an appropriate conversion here.
Look under select conversion feature


And www.videohelp.com/capture


kool thx guys i was able to find what i needed through www.videohelp.com
I will definitely keep all the other advise in mind next time in convert video!

thanks again for the help