Avi change to cue

hi can i change avi to bin or cue

Why would you want to? bin and cue are tied together, the cue is instructions to a burning programme on how to burn the bin file to disc. I don’t know how you would create these without first creating a VCD of the avi.

i have a avi file and i dont now how to get on a cd i now how to copy bin cue and the film i dl came in a avi and the avi file is 878mb my cd is 700mb i cant put on?

Its hard to understand what you want to do. They make 800mb cds but your over too much to fit it on one. You can use Dvdsanta to convert your avi to dvd format if you can burn it to dvd. It will also let you lower the quality if you have to have it on a 700mb cd and keep it in .avi format.
There are programs that compress dvd`s to fit an a standard 4.7 disk so there may be one for cds but I dont know.

I’m guessing you want to convert the avi to vcd, try Avi2dvd. Its a free program and you can convert to dvd or vcd.

how do i dl it plz

From the page linked in the post of sikoone immediately above yours. :wink:

He’s a noob phil and may not know about the quick linking in posts that happens with certain words, after all it is not a feature universal to all forums.

In sikoones’ post kevin you will see that part of the text is blue and underlined click on that word and it will take you to the relvant page where you can get the programme.

Noob or not, he should type in full, coherent sentences with proper punctuation if he expects any kind of answer.

Give the guy a break.

Your type of response is not the way to encourage people with , presumably, little experience to use this forum to solve their problems & increase their knowledge.

I am with Tim. This is an international board, and so people will post where English is not their mother tongue and so sometimes it does not read right to us, though most of the time it is more grammatically correct than that of notive English speakers. Then add to that there are people with literacy problems too and those that type in text speak. Next add ossible age of poster and we enter a whole new way of writing, ion other words as long as it is legable and we can get an idea of what is needed there is no need to be such a pillock. If he was openly breaking the rules I could understand you attitude. “dl” is an accpeted short for download, plz is a text speak short for please, quite easy to undersatnd realy.

I have been on forums for a long time now, and the linking done by this board to vertain words was new to me as I had never seen it before on any other forum I have been on.