.avi cd menu creator for standalone dvd player?

Hi there!

I’ve bought a new standalone DVD player and since it can read avi (and as it seems ogg and maybe ogm too) I was wondering if there would be a software that could make a Menu (like a DVD menu) for a cd that have .avi files on it AND the menu would work on a standalone dvd player? I’ve been seaching the net but I could only find one windows autostart menu creator.

It would be important 'cause I’m trying to put all of my VHS tape movies to DVD for my dad and he doesn’t like the ordinary menu the player creates if there’s no menu on the disc (but I don’t enough space to convert all of them to DVD format then make a DVD menu so I would just burn them on disc as an avi).

Any ideas how I could make such a menu for such a disc?

Thanx in advance for ideas and help!

avi format takes up more space than mpeg2, divx, etc…, so I’m not sure why you would want to keep them in avi format. As for software to create menu’s, you would have to load the file to your pc first unless you have a standalone recorder which has menu creation abilities. There are lots of good authoring softwares. Just look in the tools section at www.videohelp.com under authoring software.

Sorry, I forgot to write that I the .avis are divxes. :o The files are on my pc as for I don’t have a table dvd recorder (had a Panasonic but it was very bad and stupid so I sold it) I only keep the format so I don’t have to convert since that takes up lots of time and until it’s done more space too. Thanx for the link! :slight_smile: