Avi burning question

alright its been awhile since i had to dowload and figure out everything i need on this new computer. I was using i believe divxtodvd and older version that didnt leave the watermark, and then i would use nero to burn the dvd.

My situation now is i dl’d a 1080p avi file, and i dl’d easy avi/divx/xvid to dvd burner, and ive tried twice to convert or try to burn it onto a disk and both times it says mission accomplished, but there is nothing on the disk. I know the burner works, i just used it. But im not sure if i have to convert the avi files first and then try to burn them using easy avi.

So i guess my question is, what is the easiest and free software i should dl so i can get this program onto a disk. Let me know if i forgot to leave anything out you need to help me. thanks

Don’t know much about Easy AVI to DVD, but I would think that it does convert to DVD before burning, no?

Anyways, another free program you could try is DVDFlick… :wink: