.avi burning probs

I’m using nero 6,6,0,16 and trying to burn .avi files - not looking to convert them, just to burn them onto dvd-r’s.

Having a prob as they seem to burn ok but if there are quite a few episodes (but still easily fitting onto a 4.6gb disc) - when i come to play it back - the last episode won’t play and the disc just spins in the drive and then freezes. All the other episodes play fine. It’s the same with different files so it’s not a file problem.

Any suggestions as to what i can do woudl be grateful. Have no room on the pc and need to get the stuff off.

Audio burning is no problem.

Most folks here don’t recommend burning more than 4.4mb to a dvd. Most dvd’s may be able to handle burning to the edge, but there are still quite a few that seem to have problems with it. Start by limiting your burns to 4.4mb and see if that helps. It is likely that you are using a cheap media. I recommend that you only buy media Made in Japan, with the exception of possibly verbatim (who moved part of their operation to Taiwan), and even for them, the verdict is still out as to if those are good.