Avi burning help

It’s my first post so take it easy on me.

I have a few avi/mpg/divx files on my pc which I want to put on a dvd disc to watch on my stand alone divx/dvd player. I want to put more than one film on each disc. I tried using nero and making a data disc but the film is often jumpy and out of sync.

Can anyone tell me the best way to do this?

Thanks in advance.


Thanks, but, I don’t want to convert them to dvd. I want 2 films on each disc. I can’t do that with dvd santa.

Any other ideas??

You could try to do this in DVDLAB. DVDLAB will allow you to bring in Video/Audio files and create a DVD of the files. DVDLAB also gives you the ability to create a simple menu that will start when you put the disc into the stand alone dvd player.

What I would do is create your DVD in DVDLAB and compile the project. This action will create the DVD on your hard drive from there you could preview it on your computer and burn a disc in Nero or other burning program. Try a demo of DVDLAB and see if it does what you want.

If I understand correctly, zero1873 want to play these divx on a standalone divx capable player.

Problems you described seems to me media related. What media do you use? What speed was burned? What burner do you use? Can you post a scan with cd-dvd speed of these problematic media?

Maybe a dumb question, but have you tested your avi before to burning then on a disc? If avi are out of sync, then also burned avi will be out of sync