AVI Audio

I have an AVI file that when played in any play no sound comes out apart from 2 words at the beggining. I know it does have sound because when i open it with GSpot it says the audio type is AC3 and how many frames of audio it has. I have tried DivFix, extrcting the audio with VirtualDub and AVI2WAV, but no luck. I’m am now going to try BeSweet.

Any ideas?

No need 2 reply…

PROBLEM SLOVED:bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

:smiley: GO Besweet! YAY :smiley:

If you dont have an AC3 codec installed then your PC wont play it with sound. AC3Filter is good to install, then you dont have to play around with demuxing, BeSweet, etc.