AVI Audio Normalization

Can anyone give me any tips for adjusting AVI audio streams to an optimum volume without the risk of distortion. I see that VirtualDUB will do the job but don’t know what percentage to use for the best (relative to the original audio).

Is there any software that will automatically detect/set the optimum volume?

Any advice from experienced normalizers will be much appreciated.

If you mean AC3, it would not be easy achieved if you are no experienced.

Either way, it needs to be demuxed, decompressed, edited and then re-compressed and muxed again.

It’s easy enough to extract the audio to wave. Recompressing and remuxing is no problem either, I’ve made enough DVDs to be comfortable with that. I’m just a total noob when it comes to normalizing - having become dissatisfied with the low sound levels that you get with most homemade DVDs, I’m just looking to do something about it, but have no idea what values to use for the best. I don’t want to make it so loud that it distorts. Hope this makes things a bit clearer…

I’m not too familiar with VirtualDub, but if it’s called a “Normalization” function then 100% is the max before distortion. I like to use 91% for normalizing music.

If it’s a percentage of the original audio that you have to select, then it’s not “normalizing” and probably a trial-and-error.

OK, thanks for the advice. It is, I think, measured as a percentage of the original audio, with the default being 100%. Can any VirtualDub users advise on the best setting to use for this, so that I can boost the audio safely, without the risk of distortion? Any advice greatly appreciated - thanks.

90 or 91% seems to be a good value.

I took a peek in VirtualDub and 100% appears to denote the original audio volume, so it’s not a Normalization feature. On a couple clips I tried, sliding it all the way to the right didn’t seem to give any distortion though, but this may depend on the source then.

If you want to apply real Normalization, you can extract the audio as wav and run it through a sound editor like Audacity (freeware also), which includes this function.

You can do normalization in both ffdshow and AC3filter in realtime…