AVI & ASF to MP3 conversion

I have two files I want to be able to play on my car CD player.
The first is a 800+mg AVI file. I do not want to the video portion of the file… I just want the audio. The second is a 55mg ASF file that also needs to be converted to play on my card CD player.

I’ve been checking but the only converters I see for AVI is directly to VCD, DVD, MPEG, etc. I’m not sure on the ASF file… Musicmatch seems to able to play the ASF file okay.

Any suggestions on how I can do this ?

try “OSS Media Converter Pro” from download HERE, it will extract from avi, mpeg, wmv and asf to mp3, wav and wma. it is a trial and only last 7 days, good luck, ben :slight_smile:

You can use VirtualDub to demux (and convert) audio tracks, I think you need 1.4f or something for ASF-file support.