Avi- and wmv-files burning

It seems that when I want to burn Avi- or wmv-files to CD they get completely f*ed up after being burned. When I want to play them directly afterwards, they look blurry and shit. What can I do to avoid this but keep on copying avi- and wmv-files directly to CD without converting them to VCD-format first?!


Plextor 482448A
Nero 5.5

not really sure?
did you defrag your hard drive?
is DMA mode enable?
are you burning at slowest speed?
one of my friends used nero for this same purpose.he switch to nti cdmaker and had no problems.but there has to be a way!:bigsmile:

Is that happen with mp3 too? or with other data? I suppose you burn with Nero a CD ISO, right? so then must be the problem with all the kind of data you burn.
Maybe playing them directly afterwards is the problem. I mean maybe playing from cd makes that!

Mainboard? Chipset? Drives? Memory?

=> There’re certain combinations of these which shreds any data going over the IDE bus.