Avi and dvd

Ok well this is what i have:

one thiry three minute .avi file
one DVD+R 16x 4.7GB 120min video

What I want to know:
-How do i put the .avi file onto a DVD+R?
-Do i need a certain burning software?(can someone post any good burning softwares anyway)
-Will i loose any audio/video quality?


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you can convert them to dvd format with avi2dvd (freeware) or winavi (payware)

nero will burn these, you can pick up version 6 suite 3 for about £5 or $5 online

Ok, that seems awesome. So say its in DVD format now. Did i loose any audio quality? or video quality?
And then do i just burn it to a DVD-/+R?

With each and every conversion process, there is a very slight loss in quality (depending on settings you use). But it won’t be enough that you will notice it. There are a number of free or very inexpensive encoding softwares. If you want to make fancy menu’s and such, you will need an authoring software. Many of those are free as well. Asking which ones to use, is like asking what kind of undergarments to wear. It is mostly personal choice. You can take a look at www.videohelp.com/tools.

OK, thank you everyone your have been a great help!
If i make a DVD menu will it have to be added to the video or how does it work?

Generally, you make any edits to your video, then encode it, then author it (which is where you create any menu’s). If you are unsure of the steps and procedures, I highly recommend you do some reading, before you start. It will save you a lot of headaches in the long run.

ok well i edited the videos, produced them as .avi, converted them to DVD format…
Anywhere i can read up on how to author it and then burn the authored version of it?

You can use Nero as explained above.

Ok thanks. when im using avi2dvd, i click on add .avi file and i add my video. In the manual it says it should show the detail of the video and the audiostream but it doesn’t show any of it. Can someone help?

Maybe some codecs are missing.

ok ok well i figured out it was because of the lettering =P

Now i saw something that said take the ISO file from the output of the burned file. So i looked for an iso file (idk) and i found this thing that looked like a .rar file and put it in the DVD decrypter thing and it accepted i think. i burned it to a DVD-R and i think that was the problem cuz my DVD player said DISC READ ERROR.

What has an ISO to do with rar files?

IMHO, nothing.

Ok well then can someone tell me how to convert my .avi file with avi2dvd and then tell me what i should burn to the blank DVD and with what program?

Here is a basic guide for using Avi2DVD. It will produce an ISO file as the output, so I suggest burning it with ImgBurn. I also think the HC encoder is the best one to use if you don’t own CCE.

There are at least 3 more guides available if you’d like to read through them. You can find them at videohelp.com, at this link

Yes but i dont know what the iso file looks like. Because there are numerous output files but i dont know which one is the iso file.

As you can tell im a total beginer at this.
PS. thats for the guide.

If you have WinRar installed, open WinRar, look in Options–>Settings–>Integration and unclick the box next to ISO. This will keep your ISO files from looking like .rar files in your folders. They should now show up with an icon that has a disk in the middle.

Well then i put an .iso file onto a dvd-r with DVD decryption, so whyd it show up as “disc read error” on my DVD player??

That I can’t answer from long distance. Could be a problem from your encoding process, could be poor quality media.

Did changing the setting in WinRar work by the way?

If you have an ISO output from Avi2DVD, use it in ImgBurn to burn to disk.

What type of dvd media are you using? The manufacturer id code might be helpful—look it up in Nero CD/DVD Speed.

in this is what it says on the DVD that im going to use no

Memorex DVD+R Recordable 16x 4.7GB 120 minutes RW

Memorex can be darn near anything. I guess you could look in the media tests in the Blank Media forum to see what the +RW disks have been in the past, but as I said, Nero CD/DVD Speed has a Disc Info tab that would tell us the manufacturer id code. That Nero program is free—found here

Virtually everyone on this forum has a bias against Memorex to some degree, so your disks are suspect. Verbatim is probably the best choice in my opinion for +RW media.

Did you try using the ISO in ImgBurn yet?

I’m still not convinced you have a good image file, but maybe you’ll prove me wrong. I don’t use Avi2DVD myself, I have other tools for this, but looking at that guide, I believe you get a folder called DVD in the output as well. It should contain the Video_TS folder that you can use in any burning program capable of burning dvd video. Nero for example.