Avi 2 SVCD "deep voices" probem


I have converted about 5 or 6 avi files to SVCD format using DVD2SVCD software. In all cases the voices of actors are very deep. This problem does not occur when playing back on PC. I tried converting audio with VirtualDub first, but the problem is the same.
Does anyone know what the problem might be, I couldn’t find the answer anywhere.

thanks in advance for your help

Did you doen sample the audio from 48khz to 44.1khz ? Most dvd players can not handle SVCD’s with 48khz (dvd std and with most avi’s as well) audio. SVCD’s specs requires 44.1khz audio.

thanks a lot for a quick reply, ChickenMan. This is one thing that I haven’t tried yet. I left audio at 48khz. I will test it tonight, will let you know.


That was it. Everything is fine now. Thanks a lot, ChickenMan.