Avi 2 dvd ? + puttin menus

i`m using dvd santa to convert avi to dvd files and then i burn those files in nero

i want to know how can i edit a dvd i made c: empdvd folder

as i want to put menus which says the title and play stop bottom or episode 1 - 8 so on buttons

whats the best / easiest software to do this

or there is one whole software which can encode and makes menus as well ( i find dvd santa easy)


As far as i know there is not one program that can transcode burn and add menus to movies. Dvd shrink can do some editing, but i havent used it enough to know if it can add menus or not. You might want to try dvd lab. It is the most complete (But its also complicated and it costs around $200). Dvd remake is another good program, and i believe you can add menus with it (but im not sure), but it only costs around $50. Sorry i couldnt be of more help to you, but i dont add menus alot. Mostly i take stuff out of dvds not add stuff in. You might want to try another thread in the dvd editing section of this forum. You might find more helpful information there than in the newbi forum.