AVI 2 DVD ..how long should it take?!

hi there

i recently used cucusoft to convert a WMV file into DVD format.
all went smooth and the file burned and played ok!

3 questions.

it took around 3 hours to convert a 700mb movie into DVD format
is this normal?ive heard the longer it takes …the better the quality,true?

whats the diffrence between DVD MPEG1 and MPEG2…(quality)?

dvd says its 4.7GB/120 Mins…does this mean i cant exceed 120mins worth of movie?or can i use the full 4.7GB

im using cucusoft avi-to-dvd converter to convert a wmv to dvd format…
i converted a 700mb wmv into dvd in 3 hours and it played and looked ok

3 questions…

How long does it take you to convert?

Why do some people people compain it takes upto 8hrs??

does it depend on the quality of the avi/mpeg/wmv???

Takes me ~20 minutes on a 3.4 gig Pentium D using ConvertXtoDVD. That’s using the “Slow encoding/best quality” setting.

Specs matter, what are your PC’s?

No need to post twice BTW. A little patience is all that’s required, you’ll soon get more replies.

It depends on the power of the computer, in every aspect, on the used software and its setings and most of all on the SOURCE!

The amount of time it takes to convert video from one format to another will largely depend on two things: 1) your computer specs, and 2) the software used for the conversion. Encoding time in itself shouldn’t be used as a judge of resulting quality because some encoders naturally take longer than others. However, if the encoder you’re using allows you to do things like set the number of passes, then increasing the number of passes will increase both encoding time and quality (up to a certain extent).

Stick with MPEG2 as your output video because it has higher quality than MPEG1.

The recording time on a dvd (such as the “120 mins” you see on yours) is only for standalone recorders because they use a fixed bitrate for recording the video onto the disc, which means that the amount of time they can fit onto the disc is fixed. This recording time has no meaning when you’re using your computer.