AVG Antivirus' Latest Update Screws Mozilla FireFox Browser

I’ve been using Mozilla Firefox 3.0.11 and AVG 8.5.375 antivirus with no problems for a long time.
Note Mozilla’s homepage with Google as the search engine is set as my homepage in Fire Fox’s Options.

I just ran the AVG update. Now my homepage is set to some AVG/Yahoo Search page.
When I use AVG’s toolbar to disable it according to the instructions
Options/Advanced Options/Show Yahoo! search box on new tabs in the browser
Mozilla Firefox WONT open ANY new tabs when I click File/New Tab.
My true homepage which is Mozilla’s start page comes up if I click File/New Window.
Disabling the toolbar doesn’t help.
If I close the Yahoo search on the AVG/Yahoo Search page, I get a blank tab instead of the start page set in Firefox.

Old trusty form Firefox used to let me type an address, say, “Yahoo” and then hold down the <Ctrl> key and hit the <Enter> key to complete the address.
I could also type “yahoo.com” and hit the <Enter> key to get there.
With AVG setting my start page to AVG/Yahoo Search, I can’t do that.
I have to type “www.yahoo.com”.

Sorry I didn´t spot your post earlier…

I would be interested to know if (and how) you solved this.

There seem to be similar issues with the very latest version of Firefox (3.5), which I was only able to undo by uninstall - CCleaner - System Restore - Uninstall the restored earlier FF 3.0.12 - CCleaner - download and install fresh 3.0.12

I also use AVG, but haven´t run into the Yahoo problem.

I think you must be able to kill it by going into Settings - Control Panel - Add/Remove Software…and looking for Yahoo Tool/search, and then “Remove”.

If that doesn´t do the job, look for it under “about:config” <-- type this into your URL and look carefully for the Yahoo entry. You then have options to change or reset this, BUT BE VERY CAREFUL HERE.

Also, after each change, restart and test Firefox before making further changes.

Good luck!

AVG also seems to mess up iTunes :slight_smile:

A few people offered suggestions.
A few were of no use.
I forget if I actually changed anything. But I can type MOST url names ONLY and <ctrl><Enter> to add the “www.” and “.com”.
When connecting to my local library I HAVE TO type “WWW.” and “.org”.
I’m pretty sure I used to just type libraryname.org. It wasn’t necessary to type “www.”.

gets me my trusty Mozzila-Google start page.
The address is listed in the url address field.

gets me the AVG-Yahoo start page.
Nothing is listed in the url address field.
I can click the “House” in Firefox to get to my correct home page.
I also have Firefox displaying the Google search bar beside my url address bar.

I can live with having to type “www.libraryname.org” when I access my library.
The AVG-Yahoo start page is an intrusive PINTA on their part.

After banging my head against the wall on this for a while, I just moved around it.
I’ll have to try your suggestions and those others have sent me.