Avg 8.5

Hi, I’m having problems with avg 8.5 free i have windows xp home .When i try to install it i recieve this error, Error: Action failed for file blocked.gif: creating file…
Error 0xe001042c . I tried everything so far but once in awhile i get lucky and it loads then after a couple of days i get a error with the scanner or update and i try to fix it but no luck then i delete it and reinstall with no luck. I used the avg removal tool restarted computer many times over , i don’t have spybot or Norton or ad ware and i turned off windows firewall .

I’m not sure this will help but try this:
First get a new download of avg 8.5 from their site.
Uninstall any AVG you have on your computer.
Sometimes this requires a reinstall of the older AVG if you still have its’ installer.
Once your sure you have uninstalled all AVG then go into your Program Files & delete the AVG folder it maybe a Grissoft folder.
If you can’t delete the folder or any left over file in it that is probably where the problem is.Try renaming any file in the folder you can’t delete.
If you can’t rename a file you may have to use a program called unlocker.
Once this is done do as you posted before turn off Windows Firewall &nd any other av;antispyware program you have.Windows Defender for example.
Reboot then try to install avg 8.5