AVerMedia "DVD EZmaker USB Gold"

I bought this device to transfer some VHS tapes to disk a while back, it was highly recommended. I didn’t get to use it for quite some time, and I’ve just installed it correctly with no problem. I also installed the CyberLink software to go with it, again no problem.

However, it doesn’t work in two ways.

  1. I live in NSW, Australia, so I have a PAL signal VCR. But if I try to capture video in PowerDirector, it insists that I’m in the Cocos-Keeling Islands (NTSC) and greys out the option to change it. The settings seem to be relevant to the device driver rather than the software.
  2. When I start a tape, it plays rather poorly for a few seconds, then the sound silences, the video chops up and then the preview and the captured file go black. I tried using VirtualDub for capture, but the same thing happens, except that there is no sound to start with.

My VCR is in excellent shape and plays fine through any normal TV. My graphics card is a GeForce 8600 GTS. My system is WinXP SP3.

Can anyone help me out here?