Average time it takes to copy a cd?

HI all, just registered…really like this forum
just wondering what’s the average time it takes to make a dvd
so far for me it’s 40mins
have a 1.8 ghz p4 computer and the NEC 3520 writer

It varies with many differenr variables including hardware, media, and software. If I maximize it I get 10 minutes to rip a full DL disc and 22 minutes or so to transcode and burn. If I don’t I get 20 minutes or so to rip and 50 minutes to transcode and burn.

If you are looking to speed things up give more information about what you have in the above areas.

so right now i have nero 6.0, dvd decryter, and dvd shrink


Think what chas is asking is how much RAM you have - How much free hard drive space, what media you are using, etc


have about 60 gb of free space
what do you mean by media?

Average time to process a 2 hr movie with 20% compression…30 minutes, plus/minus 10.

Add another 6 to 14 minutes of burn time, depending on your burn speed.

for me,always under 20 minutes.

The two main things you can do to increase the speed of your process is to increase the media (type of discs you use) to at least 4X or 8X and add another hard drive. The time saved with faster media is not proportional. In other words, an 8X burn does not take half the time that a 4X burn does but it is a quick, cheap fix. If you add another hard drive there is a very significant savings when you read the ripped files from one HD and transcode to another HD. In some cases I can cut the time in half.