Average or hot?

Got the desktop working recently, but I’m a tad concerned, the CPU at idle sits

in the 29-32C range and goes up to about 40C when I’m playing Microsoft Train

Simulator with Folding@Home and other apps in the background. The CPU is at stock

speeds and Rambo says his maxes at 45C and his is at 3.03GHz.

Do I need a case fan to help get the air circulating in the tower box?

That temp is fine.

50C would be on the warm side but nothing o worry about
55C start planning for better fans
60C Need better fans
60C+ OUCH, get better airflow.

It does rather depend what processor is installed. Some run cooler than others.

But those temps are fine with whatever processor you’ve got.

There are some very good CPU heatsinks/fans around that can make a substantial difference.


don’t forget looking on the HDD temps.