Average life span for a burner?

Evening all… I’m just wondering if anyone has any idea of the useful lifespan one might expect of a DVD burner. I’m using a PX-716a. So far, I have burned between two and three hundred CD’s from my vinyl collection. Only another 2500 to get transferred. Normally, I use a lens cleaner every hundred burns (or so), and I use occasional compressed air cleaning. I’m just wondering if a lifespan should be thought of in months or in numbers of burns…


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If that lens cleaner is one of those disc thingies with little brushes - we have found that they can disrupt the laser and ruin the drive - stick with the compressed air-

As far as the lifespan of a drive - I think most folks change them out for newer/faster versions before they die from overwork - so the answer is probably - well no one knows-eh!

I think that the 716 is good for several years from now on. I was using a PX 708 purchased more than 3 years ago until last month. Now it continues to work in my secondary comp. I guess it will last several years longer.

Besides other influences that impair the function (like dust) nowadays the life-span of a drive ist mostly predetermined by the life-time of the laser-diode that has been used.

You’ll find more info if you feed Google with the appropriate keywords, but here’s a good start concerning lasers: http://www.repairfaq.org/sam/laserdio.htm#dioldl0

And that life period is several thousand CD/DVDs.

My 716SA died within about a year and a few months of use.

That is bad to hear. There are always exceptions but normally a burner lasts longer than most people use it. I always baught a new one before the old one was damaged. And I don’t buy new burner once a year. I was using 708 for more than 3 years.

My 712a was a bit peculiar. I use it primarily as a DVD burner, and only ever scanned a cd with it when the quality was questionable. In total, I’d say I burned around 200-250 DVD’s in it’s first year of life, but only read about 10-20 CD’s. Then, one day randomly, it gave up reading CD-RW’s. And then, about a month later it stopped recognizing CD’s altogether.

I’m not entirely sure what killed the laser as I barely used it. But the three main causes are heavy use of the drive, dirt and debris, and a poor power supply.

Since I rarely used the CD functions of the drive, the CD lasers death was not a big blow to me and I didn’t bother replacing it (and the warranty was expired). The good news is that burners are very cheap in relation to other computer hardware so replacing them if they go wrong is not so bad.

Also, if you are burning many disks in a row, I would recommend a short breaks every few disks. This will keep the internal temperaure of the drive from getting too high which can also damage a device. I usually don’t burn another disk in my drives if the disk that just came out is very warm or hot to the touch.

I’ve had 2 Plextors die on me in less than a year and a half. They still play DVDs without a problem, but they cannot be used to burn. I don’t know if it’s coincidence, but both died shortly after I tried ripping DVDs with cyclic redundancy errors. DVD Decrypter would keep trying to read it for hours before I eventually killed it. I am an active burner so I got about 1,000 burns on each burner (CDRs and DVDs) before they went to burner heaven.

Thanks for the input. I have been “resting” the burner to keep internal temps down. Glad someone else thinks thats a good idea. I have been thinking up upgrading to a newer burner just so I can put this one back into my other computer. My new one is my first build and I’ve switched to SATA 3 throughout. I’m still investigating which direction to go for a new burner…

Avg lifespan: I’m a loyal Benq user and I can’t even wear out non of my 4 q’s. 2-1620’s,1640,and 1650. Well over 3500+ burns on my original 1620 in 2 yrs and still holding strong.

Use your drives for burning only,and they’ll last a long time. Ripping is what puts the heavy burden on a dvd-rw drive.

Laser lens cleaning?
I’ll agree with the others,no need to clean unless all troubleshooting possibilities have been eliminated.
I’ve never used one of those cleaning discs in any of my burners,strictly standalone players-when all remedies don’t fix the issues.

I just recieved a used PX-716A with the fw version of 1.01. A few test burns at 8x using MCC-004 looks decent. I hope this drive performs as well as I hear!!! I will update to 1.10 one of these days.