Average Life Of NEC-3500


I was wondering, what is the expected life of a NEC-3500 drive, or any dvd-writer drive for that matter. What i mean is, what is the amount of burns you are expected to get from the drive before it slowly starts to degrade and starts to produce poorer quality burns and coasters?

The reason I ask is that I think my NEC-3500 is starting to play up a little, though only burnt about 200-300 discs.


Define “play up a little”. Best way to test is with a clean windows partition and good media.

Well my play up a little has been that discs will burn but when performing the transfer rate test on nero dvd speed, some discs have reported read errors and the scan has been cancelled due to the disc being unreadable. Also, i recently burnt a disc which is fine on the PC for playback but on my Xbox the first 2 episodes on the disc will not play properly but the rest will; but that is probably due to the dvd drive in the Xbox.

I have used the same media throughout on my NEC-3500, that being Datawrite Grey Classic 8x (FUJIFILM003) and havent really had any problems to be honest.


Datashite oops sorry Datawrite are renowened for there hit and miss quality do your self a favor and buy some decent media.

oh right, i actually got the media recommended to me by Dee and have used it throughout, the only problem being is I dont have a Lite-On drive to be able to do PI/PIF (or is it PI/PO) scans, so ive no idea if the scans are of good quality or not.

What suggestions of good media? I dont want to be spending lots of money on dvd data, the main purpose I used them for is to burn divx/xvid movies & tv-shows to in order to watch them at a later date and to save on HDD space.


the datawrite greys have probebly been one of the worst disc from datawrite since they were using princo dye`s. over the last few months they have switched from ritek G04/05 to fujifil to TDK to CMC on the -R discs! which is not a good sign.

i have had good results using the datawrite MCC +R when burnt at 6X but not so good results with the -.

you dont need to spend a lot more money to get better quality media, as datawrites are about £7 for 25 and you can get taiyo yudens for £8 or £9 for 25. if your in the states then there is no reason not to get good media, if your in the uk try.


yes im in the UK, ive only ever found Taiyo Yuden discs to buy online in the UK and that has been from svp.co.uk and the cost of a spindle of 100 is £60, which is quite alot for a cheap ass student like me. Having a brief look on those 2 sites, i cudnt find any TY media???

The weird thing is, before i got my NEC-3500 i was using princo media which I now know is shocking and I have only just re-burnt them again on these datawrite discs as I asked for a recommendation of good media at a decent price, the last thing I want to do now is re-burn all the discs again.


Edit: Surely though the change of the dye is only because of the different brands of discs they are producing, isnt it just the same as verbatim and their range of products using different media dyes?

any princos or suspect datawrites you have test them by doing a transfer rate test with cd speed if you get a nice curve with no drop-offs in read speed then dont bother backing them up just yet as not all princos are crap just most of them.

ok so tell me all the different dyes verbatim have used in the last few months? or year?

take your pick from these discs (yes they are all plus discs but then i`am biased)


WEll looking on svp i get the following info about Verbatim products:

Pack of 5 Verbatim (8x) Pastel Coloured DVD-R - ADVDINFO: .TYG…02
Photo Printable Verbatim (8x) 4.7Gb DVD-R Disc in Jewel Case - ADVDINFO: MCC 02RG20
Verbatim ‘White Top’ (16x) DVD+R in Jewel Case - ADVDINFO: MCC 004
Verbatim (8x) 4.7Gb DVD+R Disc in Jewel Case - ADVDINFO: MCC 003

Whilst 3 of em use MCC, still its a different media code for each product?

Anyways im not wanting to start an argument here im just wanting some help.
Majority of the datawrite discs I have burnt have had no read problems in DVD-speed and have no severe drop-offs, if they did have severe drop offs, i re-burnt the disc until the curve was nice and smooth. I have around 20 left of this disc before I need to purchase some more, but as again im unsure which to get.

Taiyo Yuden discs being the best at at least x2 the price of most dvd discs, other media which ive read are good have the media code MCC or RICOHJPN, but ive no idea which ones cos they all have different numbers on the end. All im wanting is an affordable durable disc; though other than the suggestion of Taiyo Yuden I really have no idea.

Also, is it worth buying a dvd-writer which has the option to do PI/PIF scans, such as a BenQ or Lite-On drive, although I have my NEC-3500 for burning?


PS. Thanks for your help so far acko

out of the links i posted earlyer the fujis are ty and the maxell used to be. but they all should give you good consistent burns. ive looked at svps site before as well as just now and i dont rate the products or prices to be that good. they sell a lot of bulkpack and thouse 50 tubs of so called grade As are a hotch botch of second rate media that has been over printed. ie: i can buy a tub of datawrite MCC03s for £6.99 from my local pc shop and svp charge £7.99+PP.

i know you have a xbox so +discs probly woun`t work on it but you can bitsett to dvd-rom. so i would advise you to use + discs even though you have little problems with - discs.

getting a drive to scan for pi/pif would be a good idea at least then you would be able to compare you - to + burns and see how much better the quality of + are.

on the aprmedia site, how do you find out what media code the discs are? i believe your word that the fuji’s are TY, but just curious to find out in the future if they were to stop stocking these? I think i will give this site a try with some of the fuji discs.


the fuji 8X are yuden00T02, and apr don`t always list the MID, but if you was unshore at all just send them an e-mail or phone them to ask.

the only problem with APR is they have a flat delivery rate of £6 so order a few tubs to take advantage of this or if you want only 1 or 2 tubs then cd-rmedia would be better as they charge £2 pp on 25 discs.

just ordered 5 tubs of the fuji along with some other stuff so not too fussed about the shipping cost; just looking on the CD-rmedia website, they stock 16x verbatim, which i believe are mcc004, having a quick search on the forums the disc quality is very good? or am i mis-interpretting something?


i thought you said you was a poor student :slight_smile: just joking

cant realy comment on the MCC04s as i never used them although they should be ok, have a search like you said. you can give the fuji`s a try at 16X if you want.

what firmware are you using on your nec 3500?

nero just reports the firmware as 2.18, i no i flashed it abit back but i cant remember exactly what firmware it is. Suppose i should really update it and flash with LD v2 Beta 6?


thats the one ive got on my drive, and i tested my fujis with stock f/w and LD_V2B4 and of course the modded one won hands down :iagree:

just got my order delivered today, DVD decrypter reports the fuji discs as YUDEN000-T02-00 , this is correct yeh?

I didnt realise they were purple on the top, they could have chose a nicer colour! lol
Now all i need to do is find someone with a lite-on drive and do a few PI/PIF scans.


yes this is correct, can you look on the disc and tell me what batch number they are? its a very small number around the hub of the disc.

if you cant do scans, then use 1 disc to create a data disc with nero cd speed, this will show how well they burn, then do a transfer rate test. and post the results.

theres a kinda engraved number on the inside of the disc, 0419 and then theres something else TG001133.

Just gonna burn a disc in nero cd speed, will post results.

and here are the results