Average cd player

I am sure this is really basic question but…

What does a typical stereo home type CD unit use for its format? This leads to my main question of how do I, or do I even need to convert a wv. file to burn to a cd for such use?

I installed a plugin so Windows Media player will now play these files but I want to play them on a normal home or car unit.



I think the plain CD stereo players play discs that are recorded specially for Audio CD - the files are uncompressed .wav files and they are large (the length * 10 in MB, or thereabouts).
But the point is, to have them playable, an Audio CD project must be used.
If you have a recent enough version of Media Player, you should be able to burn them directly from there, I think.
Also, some of the older stereos will not read CD-RW’s, which I find rather unfortunate, but that’s how it works.

Audio CD’s use CDDA as it’s format. CDDA is a PCM format, aka Pulse Code Modulation. Totally uncompressed.
Wav is also a PCM format.

Any burning program with it’s weight in, well, anything really, can make audio cd’s.

Nearly every burner is bundled with either Nero, EZCD or Record Now DX, and in these programs, you just need to select Audio CD compilation & then drag & drop your .WAV’s onto the compilation.

It is good practice to burn your Audio CD’s at 16-24x.

There is much speculation over whether high burning speed causes problems, and for a 1 minute difference, why take the chance?

Windows Media will not burn these. I have the latest version. I get an “error” mesaage. The files are not wav files but wv files which apparently are different. I had to add a plugin to Windows Media to get it to play them on the computer. Media Player Classic will also recognize these.

What I think is need is some conversion program but can’t seem to find any information on such.



Came up with a way to unpack the wv files to wav files so a CD can be made. Most likely an easier way but…

First, create a new folder on C: drive called Hold.
Copy wvunpack.exe from the site at the bottom into it.

Copy all the .WV files to Hold as well

Open the DOS command prompt
At the dos prompt type cd
At the dos prompt type cd\hold
Next type wvunpack -I . (that’s wvunpack followed by a
space, a dash/hyphen followed by a capital i, space, star dot star)
Hit return.

All the WV files will be uncompressed and stored in the same
folder with the same names and a WAV extension.

http://www.wavpack.com/downloads.html and download WavPack Win32 (it’s the
first download on the page).



It’s a losslessly compressed WAV file. Foobar2000 will also unpack these for you.

Thanks and I will check that. I am learning a bit more every day.

weird, its like a .flac file? this should probably be in audio