AVC Sync Problem Still in New Release

I’m finding that about 1 in 15 are having sync issues still.

My Config is as follows:
Profile: Nero Digital AVC (Standard)
bit rate: 960Kbps
Encoding Method: High Quality (2-Pass)
Source:Standard DVD.
All setting are Default (not modified).
Avg output file size 825mb

I realize that 2 pass doesn’t always make a big difference. But in some cases I found it can make a substantial difference in picture quality.

In my case the following titles have had sync problems:
Eraser (1996)
The Negotiator (1998)
Titanic (1997)
The Green Mile (1999)

Another instance:
a movie spanned 2 disc and I wanted to make a single AVC file from it so I merged it on my HD. The movie played just fine but When Recode reached the point in the movie where the merge occurred I suddenly noticed a sync issue from that point forward to the end.

I know that more than one may very due the the reissuing of these movies.
But this obviously doesn’t include all, but if you having the same type of problem any of these titles I’d like to know if its just an AVC Conversion issue or if it’s across the board.

Thanks Bugs.

A few weeks ago I upgraded to Nero 8 which as resolved about 90% of the titles having the sync issue.

At this point most of the titles still having this problem have longer than usual running times. I’m not sure if adjusting my bitrate would resolve it or not but if someone has a suggestion I would very much appreciate it.

I use Recodes default “Standard AVC profile” @960 (2 passes).
Region Free : Slysoft (latest).

I don’t change any other settings.

I do however run 3 instances of Recode because it processes my titles much more quickly then setting it up in one instance. I own over a 1000 titles and this has worked great with no issues.

The average conversion time for 1 movie is about ~1hr and that running 2 passes. I have 3 separate DVD drives SATA.

Anyone who is interested, I have found an alternative solution to the sync issue. Though it maybe a round about way of handling it. I’ve tried several setting in Recode to no avail so I turned to another utility “Nero Vision”.

It seems that one of the options “Make video” allows you to build your own video from various sources and output them to a single Nero Digital AVC format “Missing the subtitles of course”…

But this method eliminates the sync problem. However you are limited in the output bit rate and format. But if your a stickler about this stuff you could always use Recode to modify the new Mp4 to produce the final file.