Avatars (picture next to nick) enabled

Everyone who has more then 25 postings can go to his profile button --> edit options and then to the avatar section, and upload a picture of a maximum of 13 Kb. This picture will be placed below the name you use on our forum, and next to a posting. This should make the forum a little more nice to look at :wink:

Just to let you all know !

Oh and BTW, we are also looking for new moderators for the English speaking part of the forum, if you would like to become one, please post below with some things about yourself, so everyone knows who you are and we can pick someone !

Hmmm… I am curious to see member’s creativity on the avatars.

And of course I wonder who thinks he (or she of course) can meet our high standards. I will not tell what I personally expect of a moderator, but people who come here for a longer period of time probably know what our policy is.

The most important thing is that you like to help people.

What part of the English forums?