Avatar to shatter Blu-ray piracy records



I just posted the article Avatar to shatter Blu-ray piracy records.

20th Century Fox may be thrilled to see how well Avatar is selling on Blu-ray, but the studio can’t be happy about the film’s through-the-roof piracy rates.

Read the full article here: [http://www.myce.com/news/avatar-to-shatter-blu-ray-piracy-records-29217/](http://www.myce.com/news/avatar-to-shatter-blu-ray-piracy-records-29217/)

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That is not the blu ray “version” technically. It is the x264 version blu ray rip. Not that it really changes anything from the MPAA wanker’s POV, but technically its like referring to an Xvid movie as a DVD. This version is more compressed than the real BR. I’m just sayin…

This 10 GB version that is around is encoded at ~ 8 Mbps and Blu ray is often 4 times that. No I didn’t download it I found out by reading the nfo online…


Funny that the extra tough DRM they used may actually cause piracy because legit buyers can’t get the thing to play in their newer players.
It takes FOREVER to load in my very first gen Panasonic BD-10a but then plays fines:iagree:
They should stop messing with things and just worry about the big pirates, not make it so half their customers can’t even watch the disk they bought.


The actual BluRay weighs in at 43+GB and they used the space to give the movie a very high bitrate. The 10GB version will suck. There is a far better 17-18GB version out there in full 1080P with DTS core audio (The lossless DTS-HD being overkill for some and not compatible with some hardware players like the WDTV).

I will not buy a non-3D version anyhow. I plan on getting myself a relatively cheap 3D setup using a 24" 3D capable monitor and Nvidia shutter glasses costing around £400-£500. By sitting close to the screen anyhow I don’t really need a 50" 3D HDTV that costs over £2000 :stuck_out_tongue:

What will be interesting is when we see 3D rips turning up in MKV containers or variants thereof. From what I can tell someone needs to tweak the encoder and container to allow an MVC type system as employed on BluRay (MVC does not require two video streams and thus does not take up twice the space needed). If you rip a 3D title to hard disk right now you will get a file twice the size of the BluRay. Unless you keep it as an ISO that is.


blu ray “version”? I think I would have a try,
thanks for you poste. and can you give me you e-mail?