Avatar success leads to increased 3DTV interest



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[newsimage]http://static.myce.com/images_posts/2010/01/El2ulT.jpg[/newsimage]The past six weeks have been extremely beneficial for the developing 3D format, with the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and the release of Avatar helping propel the technology into headlines.

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I really don’t care about 3DTV. First I had to buy a DVD player, next a Blu-ray, and with that a new television that was HD ready - now what, a 3D TV? How much will that cost me :frowning:


The glasses should not be an issue. We all wear shades in the sun and many people wear glasses. You get used to them. I often forget I am wearing my shades because they are so light weight. I really don’t see why its a big deal. The glasses I had to wear for Avatar were unnecessarily heavy and thick framed.

They should be able to make 3D glasses ultra light weight and for very low cost. They should almost be disposable in the sense they should cost next to nothing to replace.

Cost should really not be an issue. The glasses should be free or extremely cheap. I mean how much can they really cost to make ? A few dollars each I bet. Or pennies…

They are hugely mistaken if they think 3D will dramatically increase Blu Ray sales. It will help somewhat but 3D will be a niche product for a while. If they think the majority of HDTV owners are ready to scrap their TVs and players for 3D models by 2014, well that’s just nonsense.


Of course the glasses are an issue. You can lose them, you can damage them, you can not have enough for everyone in the room to use. They’re a hassle to wear, they’ll make it difficult to lie down while watching a film, etc. The list could go on and on.


Another reason it might not boost Blu Ray sales that much is that most of the people who will buy into it will probably be the people who like being on the cutting edge, ie people who already have Blu Ray.


it is perfect, i wish big companies expand it quickly


If everyone needs to wear a pair of 3D glasse, I wonder how much glasses will come with the tv. Bet these corps will only give you 1 pair and charge $25 each for more pairs. I cant see how 3D isgoing to take off. Avatar was nice, but still dont think it is worth it to get a whole new setup.