Avatar helped, but DVD sales still down



I just posted the article Avatar helped, but DVD sales still down.

American consumer spending during the first six months of 2010 slid 3.3%, dropping to $8.8 billion, the Digital Entertainment Group discovered in a recently released market study.

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Umm how are they doing in units. The past few years the DVD market has become over saturated. Which means there’s alot of quality movies/tv shows in bargain bins for rock bottom prices.

Also this is fairly predictible. Movie/Music companies get a huge boost after a format change. IE VHS to DVD or VINYL to CASSETTLE to CD. Most DVD diehards have probably built up their collections.

Now that they’ve priced dvd’s so ridciously low. The price diff between dvd and blu can be huge. IE 7 bux for braveheart on dvd or 20 on bluray, which alot of people aren’t willing to do.

If bluray doesn’t become mainstream (and stays a niche product). I think thats it. It’ll be all downhill from there.


I still don’t see how the MPAA can still force me to pay 10- 20 bucks for a movie thats 20- 30 years old. That’s why sales are down, older movies that I’d like to have, are still to damn high. Lower prices on older movies, maybe a decade or later, and sell them as digital downloads, and watch your sales go up.


If bluray doesn’t become mainstream (and stays a niche product). I think thats it. It’ll be all downhill from there.[/QUOTE]

I think this is more true…BD good and all in the states sides but world wide DVD still regins king in sales and piracy as well-ohwell- but DVD are here to stay like CDs as well so to dismiss DVD as long and gone makes a understatements about DVD longevity will be around for long time. As most people can’t afford these days to fork out 20 or more for BD but DVD are cheaper to buy and afford. I think the technology is good but it came out at a bad time for everyone economically wise that is. I myself don’t see any time in the foreseeable future going BD til the BD-R media that I can write comes down in price and maybe then I go BD. I think that is the main reason BD is taking off like the CEO thinks but forget to see the real economical shifts in middle class paychecks going down and have other pressing needs to pay first.