Avatar Contest AGAIN

Been almost a year since the last one, so here goes…

first 15 members to reply to this are in
any mod or admin is in cause otherwise they will kick my @ss for not incl them… lol… yea right

I will make a poll later based on replies to this thread

If this year I do not get a vote the $hit will hit the fan

any avatar before the 15 posts as of most recent revised or changed is what is going into the contest
So get cranking with MS Paint or Googling your hearts away

Here’s mine

<— and here is mine

or the pig

here’s mine (propably will end last as always!).

Yeah… Mine is the coolest :cool: :stuck_out_tongue:

Those things behind my head don’t grow out of my head… It’s a lamp :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah, a real (not only)cdfreaks model :iagree:

<<<<<<<<<<—U gotta love Mr.DooM! Or Mr. Blazcowicz but he’s too hard to animate:p

My avatar is hot off the press. Made it last night.
Personally I think herbei should win though :wink:

It is doubtless that the oldest man on earth deserves it.
If you don’t let me win, the dogs will be unleashed…SMITHERS, you dumbass, go open the cages prophylactically !!!

Kus_Emmy can’t be in this poll I mean that’s like euuuuuuh cheating. :wink: :frowning:

allright, that´s NOT FAIR!!! :slight_smile:

If there was a gay jury, we had a chance :slight_smile:

I vote for dansmug in the jury!! :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Last to enter :stuck_out_tongue: Sadly its not too creative. :frowning:

God damn your new avatar…bell for class rang…g2g

<— My avator’s too sexy for this contest.

Has it been also most a year. I was going to look up the last one to see when to do the next one but it seems you though of it first.

i’m in

The contest is over, Emmy wins. You know there is another girl member w/ a really hot avator, but she’s probably your 1 hit wonder members.