Avast & malwarebytes detecting malware

dont know if this is coincidental or not but after win10 automatically updated yesterday, i was using utorrent, and all the sudden malware was detected by my Avast virus scan, it popped up about 5 times all for the utorrent exe , if i do a full scan it doesnt pickup anything at all. only when utorrent is running it continuously finds it. i downloaded malwarebytes to do a scan and it doesnt find anything , but when utorrent is running it finds it also. both avast and malware only find it while its running. any help on this . i have not downloaded any new programs or suspicious files at all, and just started happening with the latest win10 update, i also dont know if its just picking up standard communication from utorrent to my pc, i dont have a clue about it . all help appreciated.

see 3 screenshots of avast and malwarebytes

i covered up the ip & port number in case its related to me at all.

Utorrent 1

I guess you missed the posts I made about Avast & AVG being scam companies & fake AV.
Read up on why NO ONE uses Avast/AVG due to all their lies & deceit.

hey m8,

yes i just read it, and i will look for an alternative soon, are you able to recommend any free AV programs that are easy to use and not full of complicated settings ?

Kaspersky AV might be an option im looking at.

im currently running trend micro scan on PC too, to see if it finds anything.

but for the moment are you able to help me with the issue i am having , and if its a false negative or something i need to act on, as scanning my pc is not finding anything, only while the utorrent is running is when it gets picked up by M/bytes and Avast.

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There are a lot of alternatives, like the Windows Defender which isn´t not bad. Biggest advantage are no popup-windows.

I take sometimes a look at some tests of AV and the recommendations changed often.

Common AVs are:




All of them offer free AV and non-free Premium versions

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Kaspersky AV is ok & Malwarebytes is awesome. Malwarebytes was the first & ONLY software to hit the market & detect 100% ransomware & today in 2021 is still the only reputable one that protects you from everything. All my business clients that don’t use Linux, use Malwarebytes & have NEVER had anything infect their PC. Those that got infected with ransomware immediately switched their AV over to Malwarebytes & have not had any issues since.

Ask a question about Anti Virus software and you will likely get a different answer to which is best from every single user.
So, I’ll offer my opinion.
For a free one Windows Defender is as good as any.
For a paid version. My personal favourite is BitDefender.
£14.99 for single device per year.
Or £19.99 for 3 devices for a year.

is all the relevant Windows Defender components turned on by default ? should there be anything there i need to adjust on activate.? and can windows defender be run by me to check my PC , or is it always running in the background automatically ?

can u provide any help at all on those screen shots above to see if the issue is completely gone off my PC.

If no additional AV is installed Defender should be activated. Or Windows/Defender should show a mesaage that the Computer isn´t protected. On the right side of the taskbar the Shield-Symbol should be visible (maybe you have to click on the ^ symbol

It do scans in the background and realtime-protection.

You can also scan drives/folders/files if you do a rightclick and choose Scan with Windows Defender

I agree with Dee on this.

Here are a couple of links for comparison tests.
Overall most of the well known tested close enough to the same.
So more or less all of them are good.

I use Avast & I plan to continue this.
I also use MalwareBytes & Spybot S&D on the same OS at the same time.
I haven’t found any conflicts in doing this.

I also have EEK which can be used inside or outside Windows.
It isn’t installed & runs from a .exe inside Windows
From a flash drive outside Windows.
I also have some other .iso’s of other AVs that will run outside Windows.
I rarely run AVs from outside Wiindows because they never find anything.
I just have them to test to see if Avast is detecting all it should.
So far so good.

I don’t use the Avast Browser or have the Avast Online Security extension on any browser.
That seems to be where the problem of spying is done.

If you read what the AV is showing you, you can actually see it’s complaining not about the torrent executable but an ip address. The network component of the AV is detecting an ip that it has on his blacklist connecting to you, or in this case, you connecting to it. This is most likely just someone from the torreent network trying to download something from you (or sending you something).

yes there is a green tick on the shield, so i suppose thats good to know that is turned on.

ok thanks , i havent had any pop up virus/malware notifications in a few days now.

Malwarebytes is blocking sending/receiving packet to that IP address using that port as identified coming from unreliable sources for p2p that might possible for malware.

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ok thanks guys for all the info. everything is still going good, no more popup detection’s.