Available write speeds limited after media change


I am using Nero 7, with a Sony Q58a. I recently switched from
DataWare +R 8x DVDs to RiData -R 16x DVDs, and now when I want to burn something, the available burn speeds are only 4x and 2x. They used to be 8, 6, 4, and 2x.

Can anyone help me with this issue? Will I need to change media again?

The Sony is an 8x burner that does not have firmware support for that particular 16x media, so it’s defaulting to generic strategy. (Assuming you have a blank disc in the drive when checking.) Unless you can find a newer firmware for the drive that supports that 16x media, you’re stuck where you are. I’d strongly suggest sticking with 8x media, TY in particular as it’s still available. Odds of getting a quality burn with default strategy are not good.

:bigsmile:A more drastic solution upgrade your burner:bigsmile: