Available target is not found!pioneer 112d.please help me!

hi guys,i got a great problem.bought a pioneer 112d some days ago,immediately i crossflashed it with dangerous brothers firmware (pioneer 112L 8.06 buffalo int).the burner worked well for a few days then,all of a sudden,it does not read any dvd and not burn anything!i also have a nec 4571,tried to set “master and slave” to both burners,but nothing to do!
i tried to reflash to original pioneer firmware,then tried to flash to buffalo 112d firmware, but it always give me the “target is not available” error.please help me,i dunno what more i can do to my burner!

Reflashuing will give nothing because the burner doesn’t read or write anything anymore.

Dead drive. Over.

no!don’t tell me!however,sometimes the driver can read some dvd,the problem is that while i can see the movie with windows media player,all of a sudden it stops,so i must open and remove the dvd from the burner.hope there’s a way to reflash it again always that the problem be in the firmware.

…it does not read any dvd and not burn anything!

What is true now?

Test the drive in another computer. I doubt it has something to do with firmware anyway.

well,the truth is my burner does not work anymore,only sometimes when i put a dvd in,for a few seconds it seems to work (i.e. a movie), then it stops and i have to remove the disk

Test the drive in another computer.

it’s me again.so,i refleshed my burner with original buffalo firmware,first 8.06 version,then 8.09.now my burner can read and write again cd and dvds,unfortunately when i put a dvd dual layer in,it stops and i have to remove the disc.anyone know what it can depends on?thanks

What would that give you without trying to really burn something on it??