AV Reciever

I have a chance to pick up a brand new, still in the box (not refurb) a Marantz SR8001 for $600. I have a new Panasonic Plasma with THX. I only want to spend about $600 on a very good receiver. Is this a great buy or should I buy something new in tech. with 1.3 HDMI? I notice even though it has the new THX tech. it only has the 1.2 HDMI tech. What’s your recommendation

For $600 I have a choice of the Marantz SR8001 or the Onkyo TX SR707 which has more HDMI’s and has the new 1.3 HDMI

Help, which one in the better deal? and which one is the better product going into the future?<!-- google_ad_section_end -->

Onkyo TX SR707

They make a solid product and yes you will want the newer HDMI 1.3.