AV in and av out

av in and av out are holes on the back of my dvd player that is a one unit systems. There is no need for a television. THe sound on this system is very low. I have a pair of speakers. Can I plug the speakers into the av in or av out holes to get louder sound?

My guess is no.

You might want to tell us the exact model player you have.

DVD Player is a Mustek. Model No. MP72

Here is the list of connectors I found for the player:

1 x Progressive scan video output , 1 x Digital audio output (coaxial) , 1 x Headphones , 1 x Composite video input/output , 1 x Audio input / output

So it does look like you can hook it up to something, but it might not have much power to drive the speakers. Do you have a receiver that can take the digital audio coax signal?

It looks like your only viable options are to use the analog audio L/R connectors to feed an external amp or receiver, or use the digital coax connection to feed a digital capable receiver…The analog connections aren’t capable of driving speakers without outboard amplification…
Other options are available but those are your best bets…