Av control center

i want to buy an av control center because i am running out f connections for my consoles and sky hd etc. i was looking at some joytech ones but most of them have bad reviews and some fail when a wii is connected to the composite ports. i wouldnt mind if it has a couple of HDMI slots aswell becasue i have a PS£ on order for tuesday aswell.


For your standard definition consoles and DVD player, a manual switch box may be a better and cheaper option than a remote operated switch box. I.e., when one walks to the TV to load a DVD, switch on/off a game console, they can select the input source at the same time. As it’s manual, it cannot “crash” like an electronic switch and doesn’t take up an extra power socket either.

This Hama Switch on Amazon has very good user reviews and supports RGB on scart connections.

If your TV supports audio over HDMI, you can get a separate automatic HDMI switch to connect all your HDMI devices.

This one on Amazon has 5 star ratings (13 out of 14 uesrs) and automatically selects the active HDMI input. Going by one user review, this switch works fine with Sky HD, which some other auto-switchers have problems with.

thank you for that i think i might buy that neet hdmi one but i dont need the other one because nothing on my tv is scart. what i need is something for component hd.