AV-Comparatives tests helpdesks of antivirus vendors for politeness and knowhow

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Users of antivirus software who encounter problems and then call the helpdesk of the vendor are helped fine in most cases, according to tests performed by the Austrian AV-Comparatives

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Each antivirus company had to answer three questions in total. The first question was about scheduling a system scan. Then a question on how to activate a trial version with a license key followed and the last question was how to re-enable a disabled virusscanner.
How does this work when you get free AV this survey misses alot here.

^ The whole AV business is dubious, 100% more concerned about money than security, and so this survey simply follows suit - In this respect, a free AV may be more secure :bigsmile:

Public memory is short, but please allow me to remind you that Kaspersky was caught in tests with an antivirus for Windows mobile that did absolutely nothing at all, still they sold it as a secuity application (nothing but fraud in other words). They have also been caught trying to cause trouble for other AV companies.
Add to it that antiviruses generally does not really check your files anymore (mostly headers) and flags your file with a false warning of a named virus just because it is packed, none of them can be trusted.
Surveys like this one is in this respect meaningless and does not address the real problem as they do not really address the main function of the application. Neither does the so-called AV tests which are biased as can possibly be - all down to money and not security with Symantec choosing not to participate unless they can get the test performed as they like it and so on.

Oh yes, a really serious part of business this :disagree: - They are serious about getting your money though :iagree:

Or the fact that an ex-Kaspersky employer implicated the company with letting out false viruse detection data (to nail their copying comptetitors).

Or the fact that ALL anti-virus software makers will NOT detect automatically their own country’s secret service intentional spying software. Some are required by law not to detect their own secret service’s software.

Even F-Secure is now saying that IF the new (in discussion) law in Finland passes into power, F-Secure will continue to do behind the scenes work with the Finnish Secret Police and will NOT automatically detect their viruses/keyloggers/trojans, UNLESS some other party reports it to them.

So, even if you use Antivirus software, you are better of using two (from separate countries, with different engines - one active/one on-demand) and combining that with safe-hex + some form of sand-boxing.

Yes, privacy and security has become rather cumbersome in this day and age (at least on Windows).