Got a replaced PX-716 from RMA (first was DOA) and I doing some testing, mostly Fuji TY 02 (MIJ), Verbatim (MCC004), TDK002, Sony D11, Ricohjpn R01 & R02 and finally also Optodisk OR4 and 001.
The last 2 i use for testing AS.

Some basic questions about AS :
Does AS influence the burnproces (and quality) from media listed in the “recommended media” ? (like Yuden000T02, …).
If yes, how does it work ? Same way as for “unkown” media ?

Plextor has 3 lists on their supported media page :

  1. Recommended
  2. Compatible
  3. supported by AutoStrategy

Wat does it exactly mean if a media is in the “supported by AutoStrategy” list ? Will AS only work for media in this list ? :confused:
Wat about media not listed at all in the 3 lists ? (real unknown media)
I’ve always thought that AS would work for media if their MID is not in the firmware, meaning also for the “real unknown” media that are in none of the 3 lists. Does this still hold ? What’s the concensus about this ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for your input !

Can somebody make comments about the following picture which is supposed to explain how Autostrategy works, because I am a bit lost …

It means that the recorder writes on a part of the disc. Then reads the area back and recallibrates the writing parameters.

But I am sure that it works completely different. This picture may only be for marketing :cool:

my TDK DVD+R 8x (TDK02) are listed in the firmware, but there is also an entry in the autostr. base!
i was thinking that only DVDRs, they are not listed in the firmware makes an entry.

Thanks for your answer “Arrow” . I will now try to understand in which way exactly AS is different and more efficient than the former “Power calibration”

I hope everybody noticed this “Notification” that Plextor has put yesterday January the 21st just before their download link of the new 1.04 firmware
on their Eurpean site, see at:


  • Only Sequential Writing Method is supported on DVD_R DL in firmware V1.04 (not Multisession).
  • It is recommended to delete the strategies in the Auto Strategy Database
    (using PlexTools Professional - Drive Settings - Advanced) before upgrading the firmware. [/B]

Very strange indeed !! :confused:
I burned about 6 TDK002 DVD+R and I have no entry for TDK002 in my AS !! :rolleyes: :confused:
What manufact. was your TDK002 ??
Do these have MID TDK02 or TDK002 ?