Autostrategy on every burn althought set to auto?!

Althought I left the Auto Strategy setting in Plextools to Auto, at the beginning of every burn (always same media) the led is changing colors and the drive is spinning up an down for about half a minute. Then the recording starts.

Is this normal?

Yes it is. It will always try to make a better strategy when in Auto.

Can I force it to only ONCE creating a new strategy per disc type (media id)?

Yes. First use “ON (Forced)” to create a strategy, then use “ON” to exclusively use the created strategy.

However I recommend you leave it set to “AUTO”. If it really creates a new strategy with each new burn it means your media are of very variable quality which is not a good thing. What is the ID code of those media. What speed are you burning at?

Problem solved. creating an strategy with the destructive method worked. DVDs are now burned at their stated speed and no new strategy is created, also on setting auto :slight_smile:

Thank you for your good tipp :slight_smile: