Autostrategy is not executed



PX-755A, PlexTools 2.32a (and 2.30 from box), ASUS P4P800, WXPPro SP2

In log window after burning: ‘autostrategy result: autostartegy is not executed’. Is this normal if I’ve checked AS ON or AS FORCED before burning?

PLZ respond.


Autostrategy is only used with media that is unknown to the drive, in other words media that doesn’t have a write strategy stored in the firmware.

Without knowing the firmware or the media code, the question can not be answered. You can use Plextools to identify both the firmware of the drive and the media code you are using.


AS Forced means that AS is supposed to be used even if the media is known to the drive, and that a new strategy is supposed to be created for each disc.


Exactly. So, what does it mean ‘not executed’? Drive is broken?

Firmware revision 1.02, media code MCC03RG20


It could be a bug in Plextools.

Does the drive’s LED indicate that AS is used?


I would think those Verbatims would be in the firmware, so if set to AS on then AS wouldn’t execute. Seems odd that AS forced doesn’t work. Maybe as [I]alexnoe[/I] suggests, it’s a bug.

My drive doesn’t support AS forced, I’m curious as to what advantage it offers. Would you use it say, after a bad burn to compensate for a bad batch of discs? Or is this just a ‘wanting to try everything’ type of thing?


AS usually works in AUTO mode but it can decide wrongly whether to create a strategy on its own or not. Thus it can help to force its application. Look here for an example: (also compare with the link given in the posting).


Thanks hwp, that makes more sense to me. The thought never occured to me that the drive could have problems with it’s recognition circuit… :bigsmile:

As a side note, in reading your review of the 755, I noticed that AS doesn’t support DL media. Is that still the case? That could be the root of the OP problem.


Good point. AS does not support -DL and -RW, but the OP says he uses -R 16x Verbatims (media code MCC03RG20) …



Indeed he did… Errr… Maybe there’s new -R 16X DL media… Maybe? Possibly? :rolleyes: :doh: :disagree:

I’m going back to the other forums, and will leave this area to the experts… :smiley:


If you mean the LED is quickly switches between yellow, light yellow and green, well - YES.
Or, something else?

If this is a bug, well the version of PXT shipped is 2.30. AFAIK now it is a 2.32a. So, the bug is still there and no one didn’t noticed that?


If you mean the LED is quickly switches between yellow, light yellow and green, well - YES.
Or, something else?
If it is doing this for say half a minute, or maybe more, then it does use AS


Another thing to check if AS has been working: Has a entry been added in the AS-Database?

Also for some obscure reason an error in the database might cause touble. Try clearing the database.


It is. Okay, so this is a bug of the software? Could be fixed? Should I give them know? Or man of Plextor are here and watching? :slight_smile:


Yes, the entry has been added. But I’m using AS Forced, anyway. Does it mean an entry in database will be re-wrighted each time, for the same media even?


i created a strategy for ritek r03 - then there was a 6x strategy in the database.
then i switched AS “on”, chose 8x and burned - afterwards it says “AS not executed” - obviously AS was not used and speed was 8x but quality was much better than default write strategy…


I’ve not tried this yet but in my understanding of AS one should be able to create an entry, then uncheck it in the database-menu and then be able to create another one for the same MID at the same speed-setting.


If not on the recommended list, AS will generate a strategy the first time out if in Auto and then use that strategy. If quality is still not good enough, you can force it to create the strategy for your media. If AS is other than default (Auto), did you create the strategy? Check the database if the strategy for your media is there. If not, in the same screen, select ‘Create Writing Strategy’ “quick” (checks OPC) or “full” (uses a disc) and ‘Replace existing entry’, then press the Create Strategy button. Should generate a strategy for that media.


I wonder why to create a strategy for certain media. AUTOSTRATEGY is only a commercial things for conviencing customers for buying their products. But there is no real reason to make strategy. Why? Because non of the media from the same manufacturer is of the same quality. Quality of a media vary inside the same manufacturer. And it can be of the highest quality or lowest. For example. Verbatim is well known as one of the best manufacturer of media. But you can still find certain media which doesn’t work after you burn it. And non of the strategy would help in this situation.


If the factory creates a strategy and embeds it in firmware, it is only applicable to the media they had when they developed the strategy. You are correct in saying that media quality can differ from disc to disc. With the 760/755, you can create a strategy for the media you have. If it so crappy that it changes with every disc, you should move to something better.