AutoStrategy for known MID



After burning the first half of my 50 pcs cakebox of 8x TDK DVD-R (TTG02) getting good results, I got a few coasters now. The behaviour of the PX716 was suddenly somewhat strange. It needs 10 mins for the lead-in before burning the track. I did 2 burns with Nero and 2 burns with DVDDecrypter (ISO). All DVDs show more than 2000 PIE at the inner area.

Now I can burn again with results not so good as before, but acceptable.

Per accident I looked to the AutoStrategy Database. I was wondering that the MID (TTG02) is now part of this database. I’m pretty shure, that the database was empty after burning several TTG02 DVDs. I think that this MID belongs to the firmware based ones.

Has anyone experienced similar effects?
Is my PX716 broken?
Is the firmware internally crashed (1.04u)?
Or is the second half of the cakebox made of different media and the behaviour of the drive is normal while filling up the AutoStrategy Database?



I had the same problem with Ritek G05, I was happily burning away and then went to burn a DVD with Img Tool @8x and it would not write the lead in, after doing some checking as to why it wouldn’t write the lead in I found it in the A/S data base and it would only allow me to burn @ 4x. Don’t have any idea how it got there as Ritek DVD-R 8x is in the firmware data base (Compatible). Ended up deleting it from the data base and tried a few slower burns and it has never reappeared. I did try a fast burn with this Media by turning A/S off before I deleted it and the results weren’t pretty. :slight_smile:

Should add that some of the Ritek G05 printable I have is of questionable quality when checking it with Media Quality Check it was often not deemed not suitable to burn at 8x. Maybe thats why A/S put it in the Data base. :confused:


Well I use the Media check that plextools provide you. When you scan the blank media it will tell you if the media is good or write errors may occur. I kept putting diffrent blanks from the same batch to get a reading on it, sometimes it might be the batch and sometimes not. Do a media check on the blank media you have and see what it says, you have to turn on AS for it to work so it will store its stragedy. What I noticed is that it doesnt store strategy on media that failed the media test (Correct me if I am wrong). I have one media that tested good on the media test and it stored it, and a few that failed it so it doesnt show up on the AS database.


Maybe the discs have diffrent revisions?


Using the Media Check was a good idea. After some more bad media out of the cake box, the next medias were good again.

Then I have made 2 more burns. The first one with the check box TTG02 checked in the AutoStrategy data base, the second with the check box unchecked.

It seems that the PX716 now uses the write strategy it has determined for the bad media - leading to a bad burn even on this good media. After unchecking it in the AutoStrategy data base, the burn was as good as before (PIF<4).

So my conclusion is:

  1. The AutoStrategie data base will be filled up if the PX716 detects a media with a very different write behaviour even on a known (firmeware supported) MID.
  2. Using this strategy on a good media with the same MID leads to a bad burn. I better remove it from the data base and use only the good media (tested with media check) up from now.