Autostrategy Create Strategy greyed out




For some reason, the “Create Strategy” button under Autostrategy is greyed out. The two options for Autostrategy are Auto Selection and Auto Off; the other two selections are greyed out. I tried both with no change.

The problem is the same whether I use Plextools Professional XL 3.12 or LE 3.13.
The Autostrategy works on another system, with the PX-760A.

There are no entries in the Write strategies listing, and I’ve tried several different blank DVD media with the same result. Any insight into this problem would be appreciated.

– Roy Zider

Plextor PX-716A 1.11
Windows XP SP2
Plextools Professional XL 3.12
Plextools Professional LE 3.13
Various media


Update from Plextor:

With the 716a, you cannot modify the Autostrategy settings. That could only be done with the 755 and 760. That is why the button is not available.