Autostart.inf - Adjust Drive Speed

Hi there!

I came across this site on my search for Autostart.inf instructions.
Maybe some of you may help…

I am currently working on a project to create a business card-shaped CD containing a presentation.
The CD has a rectangular format and can be read in all regular PC CD-Rom drives (not in slot-in drives, though!).

Having tried out my master CD in different drives, I found out that a few drives produce quite some noise during the spin-up process. This is especially annoying, as the CD will contain MP3 files.
Moreover, the CD might be handed out to people that are not especially computer savvy and therefore might be taken aback by the enormous noise emission.

Is there any way to include a command to adjust the drive speed to 4x or 8x when inserting the CD?
Is the noise even speed-related or does it depend on the drive maker?

I appreciate all input!



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