say you make a cd with a home video file and want to make the cd start media player or whatever video player is default for your system play it. how do you make the CD autorun?


there is a program on one of the twilights called mm [multimedia] with that you can create nice autoruns.


You might find one of the menu/installer programs on my site that will be of some use to you, possably Autoplay Menu Studio v2.0 would be worth looking at.


You can do the following:
first make an image with mplayer.exe in the root, then make a file autorun.inf (put in the root also) which contains the following lines (without the -±-'s)

open= mplayer.exe {folder}\movie.mpg

If movie.mpg is in d:\home then {folder} equals home. You can find mplayer.exe in c:\windows, or replace this with another movieplayer, but this is the easiest way…

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