I love my Plextor 716A, it is the best DVD Burner I have ever owned. I did have a question though. Has anyone experienced problem with putting a cd or dvd in and it does not autorun, but if you eject it and load it again it will autorun. I know it is not a big deal, I was just wondering if anyone else had this issue and if the is a fix for it.



Do you wait long enough the first time you put in the disk? My drive takes awhile before it recognizes the disk and decides what to do next. It’s easy to think that nothing is happening.


Yes, I do realize it takes a while to recognize the disk, especially DVD’s. I do wait for plenty of time for the disk to run, but thank you for the reply!




In PlexTools Professional you can enable or disable Autorun for Audio and Data. You can also do this in Windows XP with XP Powertoys, specifically Tweakui. The trouble I have is Autoplay annoying me. If you don’t want the disk to autorun, you can hold down your shift key as the disk loads and it will bypass it.



holding the eject button down for six seconds and letting the tray eject enables AutoRun for the disc you insert. keep in mind, after 3 seconds the LED will flash 3 times green indicating SpeedRead enabled, but if you continue to holding it down for another 3 seconds the LED will flash 3 times amber indicating AutoRun just for the current disc…

give it a try and see if it works/helps…