Autorun VS Auto-Insert Notification (AIN) in Windows XP SP1

Windows explorer not refreshing contents after ejecting a disc from a CD/DVD drive. It could refresh contents only by pressing F5 several times during the insertion of the new disc.
Also, while navigating inside a folder on the disc, if I pressed the eject button, the disc was ejected ok, but the explorer instance showing the specific folder did not automatically close.

After reading various forums on the net for about half a day (more or less), I found out that some people get confused with the term Autorun and Auto-Insert Notification and use them interchangeably, which is not correct… So, after playing around with some registry settings (using regedit) and getting to nowhere, I reversed the registry modifications (restored my original registry) and got pretty hopeless.
By doing some reverse thinking, and based on the installation date of some programs on my PC and on the date problems began to appear, I concluded that Tweak XP was the culprit.
So, I decided not to play around with the registry anymore and try to se what TweakXP could do for me. The solution I found is:
1.Fire up TweakXP Pro v4:
System Tweaks -> Hardware Tweaks -> CD/DVDD Drive Tweaks
Uncheck ‘‘Disable CD-ROM Autorun Notification’’

If you do this, and you eject a disc and insert another disc, then what you get is:
Contents are refreshed in Windows Explorer
Autorun of CD starts

2.Then open TweakUI (Microsoft Powertoys):
Uncheck All (CD+DVD, Removable)

By doing this you turn Autorun Off

3.The final result is:
YES—> Contents are refreshed in Windows Explorer
NO----> Autorun

(apparently the TweakXP setting affects both Autorun AND Auto-Insert Notification, whereas the TweakUI setting affects only the Autorun feature)

####((((I don’t know which part of the regisrty TweakXP and TweakUI modify. Maybe some day I can figure it out. If some one is interested to do this, I can give a hint:
File/Registry Compare
If you want to know what those tweaking programs is doing to your registry . .
Before you do anything export your registry and name it as old.reg . .
do the tweaking . . again . . export your registry and name it as new.reg.

To make it easy save both files in your system root directory,
then RUN CMD and change directory by typing CD\ . . once you’re there,
type fc old.reg new.reg > anyfile.txt.

Exit CMD and find anyfile.txt in your root directory,
open anyfile.txt . . you will see all the changes made by the tweaking programs.))))####

I hope this helps everybody who this problem with Windows Explorer.
Please post it on as many forums as you can (or on any forums you have been registered to use), cos lots of people have this problem. (I only posted it on this forum, as I don’t want to surf around the net subscribing to forums just to post once and then never logging in again…)

P.S. Thanx to NK for throwing me the original idea. (He made clear to me from the very beginning that Autorun is NOT Auto-Insert Notification.)
P.S.S. Crete RULEZ! (In case you don’t know, please see on a map where Crete is! :-)) :bow: :wink:

Please let me know if something of the above written things is wrong. I may have understood something wrong. Any corrections are welcome… :slight_smile:

If I may suggest adding links to TweakUI and Tweak XP version you used, some people do not like to search, and I just googled and found several companies that make a tweak XP ver 4, so directing us to the specific one you used would be very helpful.

Does this solution fix the problem of say when you put in a CD, and then eject it, then you pop in a different cd, but Windows Explorer shows the old CD Title on the left side near the drive icon yet with new cd Files in the right pane of the window???

you can do all this using tht MS Powertoy TweakUI (v.…
just goto “My Computer” -> “Autoplay”: make sure that all Drives are CHECKED under “Drives”, then UN-CHECK the options under “Types”…
That’s it, same result… Icon refreshes in Windows, but CDs / DVDs are not started automatically…

Here are the links:
Tweak XP:

For me, this was also fixed, I think…

I tried it, didn’t fix for me.

same thing here! the above solution does not fix it for me, either.