Autorun.inf file not running .exe from a folder

hi all, i burned autorun.inf file and a .exe file in a CD. i used
open = flash.exe

then it is running this .exe file. but if i keep this .exe file in a folder “test” and use the code

open = test\flash.exe

then autorun.inf file is not running the .exe file. Autorun.inf file is on the root. It is very simple thing, but i don’t know why is it not working. whereas i m writing right code.
plz help

Is Autorun really enabled?

IIRC the relative path works or not depending on whether you run Windows XP or Windows Vista.

I use statements like these in an autorun.inf on a USB Flash Drive.
You can consider the syntax an extension of the “open=” statement, with the possibility of having multiple entries:

shell c=Start TrueCrypt
shell c\command=_sys\TrueCrypt.exe

It works in Windows XP but not in Windows Vista the last time I tried. I haven’t bothered investigating how to do it properly in Windows Vista yes.

Maybe this will help: