Autorun.inf and associated icon issue, help needed guys

Hi guys

Well, I am trying to make my first autorun CD. After a weeklong googling around, finally I end up buying two softwares, MacImage and AutorunArchitect.

Now, I have created the autorun file for the PC part, and have attached an icon (.ico file, 32x32, 16M colors). The CD autoruns in my PC, and the icon appears properly when I rightclick > open the CD contents.

However, in My Computer when the icon is displayed along side the CD drive, the icon looks stretched and ugly. I was wondering how can I solve this issue. Do I need to include two icons (one 32x32 and one bigger ?) or I can fix this by doing something special while creating the icon. :o :o :o

I will really appreciate if I get some help from you guys.
Thanks again.