Autorun data cds

Help required by a newbie cd burner!
I am trying to create an autorun cd from the flies produced by Access 2007 Runtime “Package Solution Wizard”. This produces the following

  1. A folder called “files”
  2. A file “setup.exe”
  3. A file called “autorun.inf”
    The autorun.inf file contains to following;

I have burned these three items several time to a cd with the sane result, it will not autorun. (Commercially produced progs with a similar autotrun.inf file work perfectly on the same computers – so it’s not the setting on the pcs).
When I insert a cd with these files on, the directory appears on the screen, if you double click setup.exe directly, all is well and the program installs perfectly.

As I understand it if Windows XP finds the autorun file in the “root directory” it will execute, and in this case start setup.exe. Have I in fact got these file in the “root”? Can anyone give me some step by step guidance on how to resolve this?

Many thanks in advance – please help a very frustrated newbie!