Autorun CD will only play on my computer

I was looking for an answer, I made an autorun CD, opens fine on my computer, but on someone else’s computer it looks for my drive eg F:.
I want it to play itself on another computer like a disk you buy. Anyone got any ideas??? :rolleyes:

look at your autorun file and see if you are not giving it the instruction to look at drive f:

No, no reference is made to any drive in the autorun file that’s the part I can’t figure out…

Strange. The instruction to look for a specific drive has to be given to the machine and it seems logical you could find it in the disc.
Otherwise, it would require your pc to have a default causing that behaviour… sorry no further clue.

No refererence is made to the F: drive in my autorun file, but I did manage to do a search on the cd and found that all the files in the directory are referenced by eg F:file folder etc. Can that reference be taken out of the cd or is it the way I burned it. I’m fairly new at this, as you can probably tell. Thanks

When you are organizing your burning session you shall do it in a way the discs doesn’t keep this kind of refs to a drive.
Usually your burning software can add the files and avoid this. If you drag and drop them instead, you may risk keeping a ref (that depends on the packages you use). So better to use the “add files” facility to build the project.
Other possibility is that your autorun triggers a file that calls for the ref.
Anyway - once having it on the CD, its there and if it is a write-once disc you have to make a new one.