Autorun CD - password protect possible?


I have created an searchable HTML based archive which enables the HR department of a company search through approx 6,000 PDF’s which contain personal data of employees.

The indexed search engine is working fine and I’ve also created a little autorun script so that when they insert the CD it automatically starts up the search tool on their machine.

However, because the information contained on the CD is highly personal, I need to password protect it so that if it gets lost people can’t access it.

I could quite easily set up a password HTML page but it doesn’t stop someone just viewing the contents of the CD through explorer if they wanted to.

Ideally, I’d like them to put the CD in the drive, a password prompt pop up and then if the password is correct it automatically fires the autorun. It also has to work if people have autorun disabled on their machines.

Anyone help? :bow:


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As pointed out in your other thread, a simple “bump” would have sufficed to bring your thread back to the top, rather than creating another thread on the subject (which is against forum rules).

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